Monday 23 March 2015

Does money make you mean?

From grumpy old misers to the wolves of Wall Street, Hollywood has always had plenty to say about the corrupting influence of wealth. But how accurate are the silver screen stereotypes - does money make you mean?

In the past, public perception has tended towards the notion that the very poor are more likely to break the rules because they are under financial pressure and face more difficult circumstances. But Piff's work suggests the opposite - that having more money makes you care about others less and feel entitled to put your own interests first.
He's here to illustrate one of his more provocative experiments - who is more likely to stop for pedestrians, the rich or the poor?
Drivers are legally obliged to stop if someone wishes to cross. And, as a Lexus blithely slips through in front of him, Piff explains what his researchers found. "None of the drivers of the least expensive cars broke the law, while close to 50% of our most expensive car drivers broke the law," he says.

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