Thursday 18 April 2013

Naomi Klein "No Logo, Brands, Globalization, Resistance"

A very interesting video clip on how to put together the world of consumption and the world of production.

Answering the questions on the video clip

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  1. Try to answer the questions:
    1 Why does a pair of shoes reflect the story of globalization?
    2 How can you deconstruct this process?
    3 What does this deconstruction bring to light regarding global economy?
    4 What has brand-based activism done?
    5 What have labour groups in the US done?
    6 Why do companies feel uncomfortable about those campaigns?
    7 What can you learn from the connection of grassroots movements?
    8 What have brands become for grassroots activists?
    9 What are riot police forces guarding?
    10 What is activism about and what is it putting together?